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On June 6, 2019, a Russian-American seminar on Nuclear Security Cyber ​​Threats was held

On June 6, 2019, a Russian-American seminar on “Nuclear Security Cyber ​​Threats” was held. From the Russian side, the event was organized by the Institute of the USA and Canada RAS, from the American side – the organization “Nuclear Threat Reduction Initiative” (NTI – Nuclear Threat Initiative).

Experts from the American side took part in the seminar:
Lynn Rasten, NTI Vice President, Page Stoutland, NTI Vice President of Science and Technology, Jill Hruby, NTI Research Fellow, Herbert Lin, Senior Cyber ​​Security Policy Research Fellow, Stanford University International Security and Cooperation Center.

From the Russian side:
Academician of RAS S.M. Rogov, scientific adviser, ISCRAN; Dr.Sc. V.N. Garbuzov, Director of ISCRAN; Ph.D. P.S. Zolotarev, scientific director of the military-political direction of ISCRAN; to. polit. n P.A. Sharikov, Leading Researcher, ISCRAN. The seminar was also attended by employees of other Russian research organizations – IMEMO RAN, MGIMO (U) MFA OF, PIR Center, Diplomatic Academy, RIH and others.

Presentations were made by Page Stoutland and P.S. Zolotarev.

The discussion showed the closeness of the participants’ positions on a number of issues. The parties decided to continue the dialogue in autumn 2019.

The delegation of ISCRAN took part in the work of the ‘Dialogue Fort Ross’, held in Vologda

The delegation of ISCRAN took part in the work of the ‘Dialogue Fort Ross’, held in Vologda

Director of ISKRAN, Doctor of History Garbuzov V.N., scientific adviser of ISKRAN Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Rogov S.M., senior researcher of ISCRAN N.V. Rogova and the head of the scientific direction of ISCRAN, Dr.E. Supyan V.B. took part in the work of the ‘Dialogue Fort Ross’ conference, which was held in Vologda on June 3-4, 2019. The ‘Dialogue’ conferences have been held annually since 2012 in both Russia and the United States. This year the conference was devoted to discussing the role of scientific diplomacy in Russian-American relations.

An overview of the conference can be found in the publication of the “Russian newspaper” at: -i-ssha.html.

May 29, 2019 meeting of the Academic Council


  1. Scientific report “70 years of NATO: the main results and prospects of US interaction with European allies.”
    Speaker: P.E. Smirnov
  2. About the work of ISCRAN in the II half of 2019
    Speaker: Dr.Sc. Garbuzov V.N.
  3. On the nomination of Doctor of History Valery N. Garbuzov as Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Department of Global Problems and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the specialty ‘International Relations’.
    Speaker: Academician Rogov S.M.
  4. On the nomination of Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Viktor Borisovich Supyan as Corresponding Member of the RAS in the Department of Global Problems and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the specialty ‘Global Problems’.
    Speaker: Academician Rogov S.M.
  5. On approval of the publication of the collection of materials of the youth round table ‘USA in 2018’, edited by k.polit.n. Evseenko A.S.
    Speaker: D.Polit.n. Samuilov S.M.
  6. On the approval of the topic of the dissertation of a graduate student of ISCRAN Borovkova Marina Igorevna ‘Approaches of Russia and the United States to the Syrian Conflict: 2011-2019.’ for the degree of candidate of political sciences.
    Scientific adviser: d.polit.n. Shumilin A.I.
  7. On approval of the theme of the dissertation of the junior researcher of ISCRAN Chudinova Xenia Olegovna “Trade and economic relations of the USA and Japan in the first two decades of the XXI century” for the degree of candidate of economic sciences.
    Scientific adviser: Ph.D. Vasiliev V.S.
  8. On approval of the decision of the commission on the admission of graduate students of the 3rd year of study to the state final attestation and graduate students of the 2nd year of study to the candidate exam in the specialty.
    Speaker: Ph.D. Sharikova G.V.
  9. On approval of general educational programs for the training of highly qualified personnel in postgraduate studies at ISCRAN in areas 41.06.01 (Political Science and Regional Studies) and 38.06.01 (Economics) for the 2019-2020 academic year.
    Speaker: Ph.D. Sharikova G.V.
  10. On approval of working curricula for the preparation of graduate students of ISCRAN in areas 41.06.01 (Political science and regional studies) and 38.06.01 (Economics) for the 2019-2020 academic year.
    Speaker: Ph.D. Sharikova G.V.

A round table was held under the auspices of the Council of Young Scientists of ISKRAN

On October 25, 2018, a round table entitled “The USA in 2018” was held in ISKRAN under the auspices of the Council of Young Scientists of ISKRAN. It was attended by young scientists and graduate students from the Institute of the USA and Canada, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Europe, RAS, Institute of IMEMO them. EAT. Primakov RAS, Moscow State University Lomonosov and RUDN.
At the Round Table, presentations on the most topical aspects of US domestic and foreign policy were heard and discussed.
Among the reports on the domestic policy of the United States of particular interest was the report made by the researcher of the Institute of IMEMO. EAT. Primakov RAN, K. polit. n Borisova A.R., devoted to the systemic crisis of the US political elite, as well as the performance of ISCRAN Yu.V. Baldenkova, a graduate student on changes in the US immigration policy of the D. Trump administration with an analysis of the consequences of its implementation.
Among the reports devoted to the foreign policy of the United States, the greatest interest was aroused by the report of the junior researcher of the Research Institute IMEMO. EAT. Primakov RAN Khorolskoy MV about the views of various political forces in Germany on the prospects of German-American relations. An assessment of US relations with European countries was also given in the report of the senior researcher at the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Political Sciences. Godovanyuk KA, whose focus was on American-British relations.
The participants of the round table did not ignore the topic of US sanctions pressure on Russia, during which the junior researcher of ISKRAN KV Kozlov spoke. and Assistant of the Department of Theory and History of International Relations, RUDN, Candidate of Historical Sciences Butorov A.S.
Due to the fact that after each report, substantial discussions took place, raising new questions in the framework of the discussed issues, it was decided to continue them in the course of scientific events at the ISCRAN site on a regular basis.

70 years Academician of RAS Sergei Mikhailovich ROGOV

70 years
Academician of RAS Sergei Mikhailovich ROGOV

Dear Sergey Mikhaylovich!

The staff of the Institute of USA and Canada RAS congratulates you with a significant date – a glorious 70th anniversary!


We have long known and appreciate you as an outstanding scientist with a worldwide reputation, who has made a great personal contribution to the development of international studies and Russian American studies, the author of many books and articles, as an organizer of science and a talented teacher.
Your name is associated with such fundamental values ​​as high scientific professionalism, rare human qualities, pedagogical skills. The development of these values ​​has allowed you to go through a large and complex life journey from a MGIMO student to an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the scientific director of a major world-class research center.
Your entire creative biography is connected with our Institute: a postgraduate student, a junior and then a senior researcher in the foreign policy department, a sector head for the military-political research department, a leading research officer, the military-political research department head, and the deputy director of the Institute. Here you have prepared and defended your candidate and doctoral dissertations. For several years you have had the opportunity to be a representative of the Institute at the USSR Embassy in Washington.
In 1995, in a difficult time for science and the country, you headed ISCRAN, becoming its director. With a confident hand of a tested captain, you firmly held the helm of the ship and drove it in the right direction. You managed to rally around you a team of like-minded people, world-famous enthusiastic scientists, becoming the head of a unique scientific center, whose efforts over half a century study complex and contradictory processes of world politics, problems of international security, American studies and Canadian studies, publish hundreds of scientific works, prepare analytical materials for the highest state authorities of our country.
The range of your scientific interests is not limited to the sphere of military-political research and problems of international security – an area in which you have long been a recognized and undisputed leader. The breadth of the scientific outlook, the depth and thoroughness of scientific analysis, the prudence and reasonableness of the conclusions have become an integral part of your personality.
About 20 monographs and pamphlets, over 300 articles published in scientific and socio-political Russian and foreign periodicals belong to your pen. You are a member of many professional organizations: member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation, member of the Economic Council under the Government of the Russian Federation, member of the Scientific Expert Council under the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, member of the Scientific Council under the Security Council of the Russian Federation, member of the Scientific Council Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, member of the Council on Foreign Policy at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, President of the Center for National Security and International Relations Member of the Council of the Russian Foreign Policy Association; Vice-President of the Russian Pugwash Committee at the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Member of the United Nations Association; Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal USA and Canada: Economics, Politics, Culture; Chairman of the ISCRAN Dissertation Council.
Your work on problems of Russian-American relations and international security, as well as many years of vigorous activity in numerous international organizations, interviews and speeches have earned you a great and well-deserved authority, which largely holds the reputation of our Institute.
Thanks to the efforts of the team led by you, studies have been prepared on the modern economy, politics of the USA and Canada, and on Russian-American and Russian-Canadian relations. Works published by ISCRAN on merit are estimated by the best domestic and foreign experts. Within the walls of the Institute, highly qualified scientific personnel were trained, whose names have been well known for a long time, many of them became the creators of their own scientific schools, confirming their high authority with all their activities.
The author of numerous studies, now the scientific director of the world-renowned research and analytical center, who devotes a lot of effort to various scientific councils and hard work to provide material support to the Institute, you find the time and energy to transfer your knowledge and experience to the new generation of international affairs specialists, generously share them with by youth. The Faculty of World Politics GAUGN, created and headed by you, serves as a vivid example of how fruitful is the combination of a high level of specialist training with serious scientific research. This made it possible to introduce dozens of school graduates from different cities of Russia to the study of world politics and international security, American studies and Canadian studies, and it deserved general recognition among the country’s long-established universities.
We all see and appreciate your tremendous efforts, which allow ISKRAN not only to exist, but also to be at the forefront of advanced scientific political thought in our complex, so rapidly and radically changing world. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this!
On this solemn day, we sincerely wish you, dear Sergey Mikhailovich, good health, vigor, fruitful scientific work, new books and articles, good and smart students! And, of course, always remain the same responsive, fair and kind person as we know you!

Your colleagues